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Adande Undercounter Fridge Drawer Systems

The Adande Refrigerated Drawer System was developed as a solution to the frequently asked question by chefs working on North Sea oil & gas rigs in need of commercial refrigeration especially refrigerators and freezers that would hold temperature. With staff on the rigs being fed day and night, the refrigerator and freezer doors were in constant use. With chefs working 24/7, the problem of cold air falling out on each door opening was leading to food spoiling and being thrown out - a very expensive hobby for any caterer!

Adande came up with a patented refrigerated drawer solution that has evolved into a modular unit that has proven itself with commercial catering equipment all over the world.

The Adande Refrigerated Drawer has won various awards for innovation and sustainability in commercial refrigeration, the most recent being the Australian Fine Foods Best New Hospitality Product in 2012. It is one of a number of innovativecommercial fridge designs which provide superior cold storage conditions, using less energy, than traditional refrigeration designs.

Working with customers and development partners on refrigeration projects, Adande’s research and development team continually extends the range of products that use the core, groundbreaking technology.

Adande has licensed the patent protected refrigerated drawer technology to global manufacturing and marketing partners and is distributed exclusively by Stoddart in Australia and New Zealand.

Adande Billykart Kitchen

Billykart Kitchen


Renowned Australian Chef Ben O'Donoghue opened up a suburban Café primarily servicing only Breakfast and Lunch with very little room for refrigerated storage in a compact kitchen footprint. With this in mind, Ben decided on 4 x Adande side engine units for their versatility and flexibility to adapt from Breakfast to Lunch Menus and still have the required prepared food easily accessible.

Adande Regatta Hotel

The Regatta Hotel


Following the devastating floods of 2010, the decision was made to utilise a completely open kitchen for the renovation of The Boathouse Restaurant, within The Regatta Hotel near Brisbane City. Cold storage was an area that was critical to the client, with the criteria including sufficient cold storage for prepared foods at several varying temperatures. With very limited kitchen space, all prep is done before trading hours, meaning a solution had to be offered that would hold pre prepared food in pristine condition for extended periods. Naturally Adande was selected as the ideal solution, with 16 drawers now being utilised on site to store all garnishes, steaks and other pre-prepared foods.

Adande Harbourside Restaurant

Harbourside Restaurant

New Zealand

Perfectly positioned right on the beautiful Auckland Harbour, this high volume restaurant showcases the best and freshest produce available in NZ. To preserve the quality of the produce, Adande was chosen due to its ability to store product for a wide range of produce at exact temperatures. Harbourside utilises 16 drawers for either maintaining before serving cheese platters at +15 degrees all the way down to holding at a frosty -10 degrees for their dessert menu and even in between temperatures at the bar. Adande was the only choice