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Anets Commercial Deep Fryers

An Anets deep fryer offers a smarter commercial kitchen equipment solution at a price point that represents true value for money. Anets gas deep fryers and electric deep fryers contain unique design features that will benefit customers every single day.

Anets offers a choice between either “tube burners” or “open pot” gas fryers, each with their own enhanced design features that address the perceived downsides of these two heating methods. Anets efficient tube or open pot fryers use less gas and therefore can save the operator significant amounts of money each year.

Little details make a huge difference in the day to day cooking equipment. An Anets fryer with an easy to clean design makes the difference between whether a fryer is kept clean or not. In so doing, does not sacrifice oil or food quality.

In addition, Anets offers a full range of filtration systems, electric open pot fryers, chip dumps and accessories, providing everything needed to optimise the frying systems performance.

High quality gas thermostats and gas controllers from Robertshaw, are available from any gas plumbing supplier nationwide. Customers can have complete confidence that a deep fryer from Anets will do the job that is asked of it day in day out. This peace of mind is further reinforced by the fact that Anets is brought to you by Stoddart, who have been renowned in the food service equipment market since 1959.

Anets Red Emperor

98 Fish


98 Fish is a family owned seafood delicatessen located in the heart of Forest Glen, a few short minutes drive from Buderim on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Selecting an Anets lineup including 6 x SLG40's and 2 x SLG100's allows the owners to rest assured that as long as they provide the fresh seafood, the equipment will continue running.

Anets President's Cup

President's Cup


Caterhire are Australia’s largest event commercial kitchen hire company, whether it's the Australian GP, Bathurst or Spring Racing Carnival Caterhire are usually the team to bring the site kitchen together. So naturally, when the President's Cup came to Victoria, Caterhire were asked to supply the equipment.

Based on their high performance and reliability, the decision was made to supply an entire lineup of Anets Fryers. An additional benefit was that with spare part stores in each major city in Australia, Anets fryers could be serviced promptly if required.

Anets Theo's Fish Bar

Theo's Fish Bar


Having owned and operated six fish and chips shops over the past 25 years, Harry and his 2 sisters know deep fryers better than most people. Top of their list when fitting out a new store is selcting reliable fryers with quick recovery.

With this in mind, Harry selected a frying lineup of entirely Anets Fryers, cooking chips and appetisers in the majority of them whilst saving the wide body SLG100 for fish and larger items. Cooking up to 150 orders in just over 3 hours on a busy night, Harry said the Anets 14GS.CS fryer recovery and design have helped cook crispy product under heavy pressure time after time.