Asado Parilla Grill & Commercial BBQ Grills

One of the growing trends is toward more traditional ways of cooking with solid fuels instead of gas/electric equipment,where the flavour of charcoal is the influence on the styles presented in restaurants. This is heavily influenced on South American, Mexican and Southern USA cuisine where grills and smoking are prevalent. The opportunity to use solid fuel cooking has been very limited and the challenges of using these efficiently and safely inside buildings have been an issue. While there have been equipment around that have done this they have been stand-alone, quite large and not really built as part of the line up in modern kitchens.

Seeing this trend, Stoddart released in 2015 the Asado Parilla Grill as part of their new range to fit into the most used line-ups in modern kitchens. The adjustable Asado grill allows for the produce to be cooked or smoked as close to the flame as required, creating an entirely new cooking experience.

Combined with this is the coupling of the Asado with fully compliant Halton Mist on Demand exhaust hoods that will efficiently and effectively deal with the solid fuel to respective Australian Standards. Heavy duty cooking appliances, such as charcoal and charbroilers have always been difficult to deal with. They are characterized by high heat loads leading to high temperatures inside the exhaust ductwork where they generate a large quantity of FOG (Fat, Oils and Grease) in addition to carbonated particles, especially in the case of open flame and solid fuel cooking.

A number of restaurants in Hobart are using and embracing the Asado units, where the growing trend has taken off and is subsequently spreading to the major cities in the rest of Australia. These establishments are really making the Asado Parilla Grill a central part of their menu creations.

Frank Restaurant Asado

Frank Restaurant


Recently installed at Frank Restaurant in the budding restaurant location of Hobart, the Asado Parilla Grill was always going to be an integral part of their kitchen setup and the results are speaking for themselves.. Scott Heffernan, chef and co-owner of Frank says, "We've always loved cooking on fire and being able to have the char-coaled fire has really opened it up, it's super exciting here at the moment.

He continues, "The Parilla Grill was something we had to have, without a doubt. A lot of the other products that are on the market just don't have the same user friendly ability - this unit is just built for grilling."

Garagistes Restaurant Asado



For Luke Burgess of Garagiste’s, his favourite, and from his point of view, the most important piece of equipment in his kitchen is the Asado chargrill, “…Because you can’t just simply recreate the flavour of charcoal, and cooking produce over wood creates a unique and special texture, flavour and aroma. Whether or not it’s essential, it’s important to me that it’s actually an important method of cookery that I really, really enjoy and it’s important to me in the kitchen.”

Luke says that people all over the world have been cooking over charcoal for a long time, “Our ideas are based on a concept I saw in Northern Spain, but I do believe that it gives us a point of difference when up to 50 percent of the menu can come off the Asado at any point in time.” He’s not even sure if his chefs have discovered everything they can do with their Asado Grill, “Every day there’s always something you learn about that piece of equipment.”