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A Professional Kitchen is a very challenging and demanding environment. Kitchen ventilation and kitchen exhaust plays an important role in providing comfortable and productive working conditions as well as securing contaminant removal.

Halton is the world’s leader in commercial kitchen ventilation and kitchen exhaust systems – including commercial kitchen hoods, exhaust hoods and ventilated ceilings. No other commercial kitchen hoods or commercial kitchen exhaust method can offer the unique advantages of Halton’s engineered systems.

To benefit from a profitable and successful operation, the commercial kitchen ventilation system has first to be considered more globally than the simple fact of exhausting and renewing the air of the kitchen space - If only because it systematically interacts with other spaces or systems.

The best example of this interaction of commercial kitchen ventilation is with the show kitchen or open kitchen concept. Halton offers the optimum solution in terms of combining energy efficiency, indoor environment, safety and air purification.  For a kitchen to be a High Performance Kitchen, it is crucial to combine harmoniously and - of course - congruently these 4 cornerstones. Every single technology or system developed by Halton in commercial kitchen ventilation and kitchen exhaust hoods is designed to manage one or several of them, allowing a unique set of solutions.

Halton exhaust hoods are manufactured under license in Australia by Stoddart specifically to requirements, all the while maintaining internationally proven and accredited design.

Stoddart manufactures Halton Capture Jet canopies, ventilated kitchen ceilings, air purification solutions (UV systems as well as ecology units), demand based kitchen ventilation systems (MARVEL) and Mobichef units.

Halton Ternary

Darling Harbour

New South Wales

The Designers of the new main floor of a popular international hotel in Sydney City needed to make a bold statement to highlight two new open kitchen restaurants. Fitting bold new kitchens into existing spaces brings along a multitude of challenges. Stoddart was tasked to capture and extract cooking odours and smoke as well as prevent them spilling into the surrounding environment. The size and design of the ventilated ceiling had to blend into the surrounding area and complement the rest of the hotel. The Halton Ventilated Ceiling solution is designed for installation over cooking equipment, such as char grills, induction cooking and a teppanyaki plates.

These ventilated ceilings extract cooking pollutants from the open kitchen. Halton’s capture jet air system provides an engineered solution that creates a balance between the kitchen environment and the outside area, as well as creating an “air-curtain” to reduce the effect of cross breezes commonly experienced in an open kitchen environment. The Halton design suited the low ceiling space requirements over each kitchen while aesthetically blending into the flowing design of the refurbished areas.

Halton Nandos

Nandos Kitchen

Nation Wide

Popular Australian quick service restaurant, Nandos, required an exhaust hood that would be able to cope with their constant Char Grill cooking processes. Additionally, Nandos required a solution that would meet their restaurant design requirements in regards to front of house display cooking. With its pleasing asthetics, the Halton KVI-H exhaust hood is designed designed specifically for heavy cooking processes and removing the smoke from the kitchen space quickly and effectively. The Halton KVI-H exhaust hood incorporates dual front and rear exhaust plenum and offered the ideal solution for Nados kitchens.

Grove's Christian College Halton

Groves Christian College


Groves Christian College required a training facility that would meet their specifications of open space for clear visibility for trainer and trainees and would maintain a pleasant training environment. The Halton KCJ Ventilated Ceiling met all necessary requirements of open space with the added benefit of low operational energy costs and ease of maintenance. In addition to this, the low operating DBA levels and the superior aesthetics to compliment the training room overall design made the Halton unit the perfect solution.