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As a leader in continuous motion ware washing, Stoddart delivers superior performance specifically developed for today’s most demanding commercial kitchen equipment. With cost-saving efficiency, automated process control and optimal space utilisation at the forefront, our innovative Power Soak commercial ware washing systems provide reliable cleaning and sanitising of pots, pans and utensils for busy commercial kitchens, commercial catering and food service operations of every size and scope.

At the heart of the Power Soak story is Stoddart’s steadfast commitment to quality — both in the design of products and in the way commercial kitchen employees use them every day. That’s why we offer more Power Soak opportunities than ever to customise kitchen equipment to fit specific operation’s unique needs. Whether it’s accommodating a particular size restriction or equipping models with precisely the right features for staff, Power Soak is truly built for you.

Every Power Soak product we offer complements a broad array of constantly improving options and accessories for all of your sanitising needs.

With more powerful and consistent wash action than the competition, Power Soak makes it easy to reduce overall water and energy consumption, cut labour costs and — most importantly — focus on providing exceptional quality and service.

Power Soak products are manufactured under license in Australia by Stoddart specifically to requirements, all the while maintaining internationally proven and accredited designs.

Power Soak Castle Hill Project

Castle Hill

New South Wales

Located insidea scullery kitchen of a hospital, this Power Soak is a standard right to left running model. Setup with a utensil basket, this unit is evidently used in high production amounts for the wares used by staff as well as patients each and every day.

Power Soak Hospital Project


Australia Wide

Approaching Stoddart for a dedicated and engineered solution for their particular requirements. Costco now have installed throughout Australia a purpose built Power Soak unit, uniquely designed for cleaning rotisserie skewers in addition to all the usual benefits of a Power Soak system.

Power Soak Inlet Bench Project

Inlet Operation


This Power Soak Pot Washing unit is configured as an inlet bench to a rack type dishwasher. This configuration is intended to expediate the sanitation and rinsing process, and is a commonly requested configuration.